Our Services in Brief…

To all our customers, business partners & our friends…

We would like to start by welcoming you to our IDH website; our 7 brandscombined have over 60 years of experience and leadership in both the fields of medical testing and recently radiology.

This alone guarantees that we have acquired much insight into your needs and requests and therefore we are constantly working on developing and upgrading on all fronts & systems, processes and procedures to ensure that we deliver on your expectations and we hope one day to exceed them.

One of the main paths to deliver on such expectations is to work hard technically and abide by international standards, which is why we enhance our technical expertise by dedicating ourselves on acquiring international affiliations such as SWEDAC in the case of Al Borg laboratories and CAP in the case of Al Mokhtabar laboratories.

In 2010, Al Borg lab wasthe only SWEDAC ISO 15189 (Swedish Board for Accreditation and Conformity Assessment) accredited lab in Egypt. It is the national accreditation of Sweden and a reputable non-profit organization which focuses on quality, environment, safety, health & efficient use of resources. This all reflects on the accuracy of the test results submitted to our patients because the results are scrutinized thoroughly at every stage of its examination.

In 2010, Al Mokhtabar became the only CAP (College of American Pathologists) accredited medical laboratories in Egypt. The golden standard of medical lab accreditation in the world, and what this means to you is that the accuracy of your medical testing results is guaranteed; you would get the same results at our labs as you would in any leading CAP accredited lab around the world.

We now have the biggest network in Egypt with more than 200 branches nationwide, with top notch professors and doctors in every branch to provide you with personalized care and feedback. We have expanded our portfolio of tests so that it now includes more than 2,000 tests including tests that fall under 2 new units; surgical pathology & cytogenetics.

We use the ‘workcell’ automation technology, the latest in medical lab technology, thereby eliminating human errors. We have fine-tuned our sample taking and results delivery processes so that we can now take your samples and deliver your test results from and to any location convenient for you and also provide you with your test results, free of charge, on our website.

In the recent years we have launched the ‘Al Mokhtabar medical testing & diagnostic center’ which provides different services including most of the common radiological tests needed, a center for allergy, a unit for nutritional advice, pre-employments tests, medical examination in different fields, a state of the art pain therapy unit and checkup packages.

These are but a few of our achievements over the years and we will constantly strive to exceed your expectations and to deliver on our promises.