Our History

History of IDH

With over 40 years of industry experience and strategic expansion, IDH has built a strong market position across products and geographies, with a scalable platform that is set for further strong growth.

Establishment of MK Lab

Dr. Moamena Kamel, Professor of Immunology at Cairo University, founds the MK Lab which later merges with Al Mokhtabar in 2004


Al Borg was founded

Founded by a group of four doctors, Al Borg is the first medical laboratory in Egypt to have an efficient hub, spoke and spike model


IDH established by Abraaj

Abraaj acquires 76.8% of Al Borg to establish IDH Caymans

Branches(a) : 127


Expansion of IDH

Acquisition of 99.9% stake in Molecular Diagnostics Centre

Branches(a) : 154


Expansion of product offering

Acquisition of 54.98% stake in Medical Genetics Centre

Increase of stake in Al Borg to 80% post its delisting

Branches(a) : 195


Building infrastructure and scale

Penetration in Sudan and Jordan comes with acquisition of Ultralab and Biolab, respectively

Branches(a) : 210


Creating a leading platform

Acquisition of 99.9% of Al Mokhtabar (Al Borg’s biggest competitor)

Increase of stake in Al Borg to 99.3%

Branches(a) : 214


Integration and further expansion

Establishes the largest automated lab in Egypt

Diversifies into adjacent medical services

Branches(b) : 262 (2013); 288 (2014)


Successful completion of IPO on the LSE

Standard listing on the London Stock Exchange (LSE)

50% offering at USD 4.45 per share

Market capitalization of USD 667.5 mn


Completes investment in Nigeria

Establishes Dynasty Group Holdings, a JV between IDH and Man Capital, to invest in Eagle Eye Echo-Scan Services Limited, a leading medical diagnostics business based in Nigeria.


Expands into the high-value, adjacent radiology segment through the launch of Al Borg Scan.

Branches (b): 414


Launches new subsidiary “Wayak” to offer data-driven healthcare support

Wayak will leverage the Group’s patient database to capture new growth opportunities in the healthcare management space and offer targeted services to its customers.

Branches (b): 452


Adapts to continue growing

Despite the unprecedented difficulties related to Covid-19, IDH’s swift service adjustments to changing market
dynamics allowed for yet another year of solid top- and bottom-line growth.

Branches (b): 481


Completes dual-listing on EGX

IDH completed its dual-listing on EGX; delivered record-breaking top- and bottom-line results; transformed service offering and delivery capabilities setting the foundations for long-term growth.

Branches (b): 502


A new chapter

Despite significant macroeconomic difficulties in its home market, IDH maintained the growth of its conventional business while signing an agreement to expand its footprint to a fifth market, Saudi Arabia.

Branches (b): 552


Fostering Sustainable Growth

Despite continued economic pressures in three of IDH’s markets, the Company posted impressive top-line growth, even including Covid contributions in 2022.

Branches (b): 601



(a) Branches refer to core operations of Al Borg and Al Mokhtabar in Egypt
(b) Branches refer to the IDH group

Source: Company data