Corporate Social Responsibility


Founded on the principle of providing quality medical assistance and services to better the lives of individuals and the community at large, IDH views corporate social responsibility initiatives as an extension of its core purpose, with the aim of improving the communities in which it does business.

The Moamena Kamel Foundation for Training and Skill Development was established in 2006 by Dr. Moamena Kamel, a Professor of Pathology at Cairo University, founder of IDH subsidiary Al-Mokhtabar Labs, and mother of the CEO, Dr. Hend El Sherbini. IDH commits up to 1% of the net after-tax profit of the subsidiaries Al Borg and Al Mokhtabar to the Foundation.

The Foundation focuses in particular on making a difference in the lives of residents of Cairo’s Al Duweiqa community, along with several other villages across Egypt. The Foundation deploys an integrated program and vision for the communities it helps that include economic, social and healthcare development initiatives with primary services that include:

  • Free healthcare clinics
  • Loans for entrepreneurial women
  • Educational services for the children of Al Duweiqa community
  • Providing food for families in need of such assistance
  • Coverage of running costs for the ICU at Cairo’s public-sector Kasr El Aini Hospital


IDH has also been expanding the reach of its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives in recent years to include:

  • Additional services to Kasr El Aini Hospital that include providing medical supplies to the ICU and other units; monthly incentives for nurses in the ICU; and 12-20 hospital beds
  • Financial and in-kind support to El Manial Hospital
  • Financial and in-kind support to the Egyptian people during natural disasters
  • Ramadan Iftar (feast) meals to underprivileged Egyptians during the holy month of Ramadan
  • Free medical tests to underprivileged Egyptian children
  • Sponsorship of medical convoys to the city of Fayoum
  • Sponsorship of events organised by the Egyptian Paralympic Committee
  • Financial and in-kind support for under-privileged families across Greater Cairo and Upper Egypt regions
  • Financial support to unemployed citizens as part of the Egyptian government’s Covid-19 response plan
  • Financial and in-kind support to Cairo University’s hospitals
  • Strict adherence to government guidelines for the treatment and disposal of medical waste
  • Discounts on Covid-19-related tests for medical personnel to help frontline workers during Covid-19 crisis
  • Free medical tests for patients at Baheya hospital, a leading cancer centre in Cairo