Our Market

The mechanics of the healthcare markets in which IDH operates are markedly different than those in most western countries. IDH serves the private healthcare market, in which patients have substantially more freedom to make healthcare decisions than their counterparts in more institutionalised markets.

As general practitioners are rare, patients may seek initial care by visiting:

  • A hospital outpatient clinic or emergency room
  • A polyclinic
  • The office of a specialist physician

Physicians ordering diagnostic procedures to be completed outside a hospital setting make recommendations, but patients enjoy a high degree of freedom in choosing their service provider typically based on:

  • Perceived quality and safety
  • Affordability of pricing
  • Insurance or corporate arrangements

Patients then obtain their diagnostic test results, often in person, with an accompanying report from a pathologist, radiologist, geneticist or other specialist and return to the physician who requested the test in the first instance.