Tuesday, 11 December 2018

IDH launches new Nigerian medical diagnostics business Echo-Lab

Integrated Diagnostics Holdings, a leading consumer healthcare company with operations in Egypt, Jordan, Sudan and Nigeria, recently launched the rebranding of Echo-Lab, its radiology and laboratory service in Nigeria.
IDH aims to transform Echo-Lab into Nigeria’s market leading medical diagnostics brand. The Company also aims to provide accessible and good quality diagnostics services to patients and doctors in Nigeria and to build a world-class integrated diagnostics business and vastly enhance Nigeria’s healthcare offering.

Senior management at IDH were joined at the launch event by suppliers, doctors and corporate clients to hear about IDH’s plans for Echo-Lab and how they will directly impact the lives of patients.
The Nigerian healthcare market, which is driven by increasing urbanisation and evolution of disease patterns, is growing rapidly and there is significant existing demand to deliver additional value to customers.
On 1 December 2017 IDH and Man Capital LLP acquired a majority stake in Echo-Scan, in partnership with the International Finance Corporation (“IFC”). Over the coming year, Echo-Lab will refurbish and upgrade existing locations as well as significantly augment its number of branches. The Group will call on IDH’s more than four decades of experience in Africa’s medical diagnostics industry and Man Capital’s decades-long presence in West Africa to drive expansion, hiring, and institutionalisation at Echo-Lab.

Omar Bedewy, Chief Financial Officer for IDH, commented: “Our acquisition of Echo-Lab marks a significant milestone in IDH’s journey to become the go-to healthcare company in Africa and the Middle East. Nigeria, being Africa’s most populous country with approximately 196 million inhabitants and with a reputation for producing world-class doctors, represents enormous growth potential for the Company. Our aim is to create synergies for consumers, building on the strong relationships our customers have with our brands as well as the physicians who trust us to be part of their diagnostic and treatment plans.”